EMRA Intelligence
Author : Peter Neville
ISBN : ISBN-10: 0857880160 ISBN-13: 978-0857880161
Pages : 128
Description :

Since 2004 in the UK, the Centre of Applied Animal Ethology (COAPE) has been developing EMRA™, a revolutionary and highly successful way of treating behavior problems in companion animals. EMRA™ is based on emotional assessment of the individual dog or cat rather than the quasi-diagnoses of behavior problems of old that have often lead to standardized and unnecessarily complicated approaches to treatment. EMRA™ is a practical, easy to use, yet powerful approach that assists the therapist in identifying key emotional aspects of a problem behavior and the factors reinforcing it, and defines how best to approach precise treatment. It is a kind and effective holistic method that enables the therapist to develop bespoke treatment plans for all common pet behavior problems, and helps unravel and treat more complex and bizarre challenges far more effectively. Simply by placing how the pet feels at the heart of the treatment, the EMRA™ approach can take the pet, owner, and behaviorist on a journey that is always enlightening and often fun and surprising on the pathway to improved behavior and relationships.