My name is Vinny!

All About Vinny

Having a dog like Vinny is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. He’s that super chill, snuggle-bear bestie you’ve been looking for in all the wrong places. He is deceivingly shy when he meets someone new, but don’t be fooled. He’s just got a lot of love to give and wants to make sure you’re ready for it. He’s curious – loves to learn and explore, loves to play with his humans, other dogs, or quietly with his toys. While he does enjoy a daily zoom around the yard, he is otherwise all about that low-key hang out, and his favorite place is next to you.

He’s the kind of guy who will snuggle with you by a lake on a cold morning to watch the sunrise, and would be happy to sport matching family pajamas while staying in to Netflix and chill on weekends. He’d be the bestest best friend anyone could ever have. Could you be the lucky one to get all of Vinny’s love?


Snuggle Factor: 110% Folks!!
Vinny is one of the most affectionate dogs I have met. He loves to snuggle and prefers to be touching when you’re in a room together. That may be in the form of him leaning on you, sitting on your foot, trying to sit in your lap, or gently head butting you and then shoving his butt in your way to be scratched. Vinny is a lovey dovey kind of guy.

Vinny is very smart and observant. He loves to watch people and wildlife in the neighborhood, and always has an excited butt wiggle whenever he sees another dog. He loves food and learns quickly with a little gentle guidance. He’s enjoyed any training game or activity he’s had. With Vinny, anything is possible as long as you share his enthusiasm to learn.

Play Style:
He’s still got that playful puppy exuberance and doesn’t realize his own size – so he can get a little mouthy when he’s playing, but he is very gentle and has shown great improvement in his manners already!

Because of a lack of socialization, he is hesitant to show his snuggly side  to people when he first meets them. He just needs a few days to warm-up, but once he is comfortable, you will not be able to keep him off of you (and who would want to)!

His Needs:
Vinny needs a human(or humans) with a relaxed and gentle demeanor that he can be affectionate with. Snuggle time is just as important to him as food, exercise, and playtime.

The Right Fit:
Vinny would make a great addition to any family that is physically active and loves to spend a lot of time with their pets. He could be great with a single person, a couple, or a small family with older children. He would do best with a yard so that he can run around and play games with his family. Vinny is happy to have other dogs to live with, but has only shown interest in chasing cats rather than befriending them.

Details on our Adoption process, fees, and what’s included can be found below and on our Adoption Application. Please review before submitting an application. Submitting an Application means you agree to the Adoption process details.

RESCUE STORY: We can’t imagine what this fella could have done to get dumped on a road side but the fact that he waited in the area for 3 days is a testament to his loyalty and resilience. It was clear that his needs had been going unmet for some time – he was dehydrated, exhausted, underweight, and very sick from intestinal parasites. After a few weeks of medical care and rest, he is now healthy and ready for adoption.


  • Pet is up to date on all shots, heartworm, flea, tick, and parasite prevention.
  • Pet is free of parasites, heartworm, fleas, and ticks.
  • Pet is good with other dogs.
  • Pet may or may not be ok with other pets such as cats, birds, or other small animals. Please be safe and cautious if/when introducing to pets other than dogs.
  • Pet is not recommended for companionship with young or small children, or older adults with mobility issues, due to pet’s size and/or strength.

Adoption Process & Details



Phone Interview, Information & Vet check

We will reach out to arrange a phone call to discuss your application and the Pet you would like to adopt. During this stage, we will also confirm your references and application information, as well as reach out to your Veterinarian to confirm their information. Once this checks out –

Playdate -With your Family & Pet!

We will arrange a time for you and your family to come meet and spend time with the pet. If there is a connection and you would like to proceed with adoption –

Training Session & Trial Adoption

The pet will come home with you to live for a 2-week period. When you come to pick him up, you will pay the non-refundable adoption fee and complete a training session with the trainer that has been working with your pet. This is to give you both the best chance possible for a successful life together. We will show you everything we have worked on, everything your pet has learned, and provide a plethora of resources for anything pet related you could ever need. You and your new friend will head home to start your life together.

Return Pet or Sign Adoption Contract

If at any point during the next 2 weeks you decide that this pet is not the most perfect fit for your family, we will come and retrieve him immediately. If the two weeks is full of bliss and you both feel like you’ve found your soulmate – then we will all sign our contract to transfer over the legal ownership of the pet.

Adoption Fees

  • All pet adoptions include and require 1 hour of training pre-adoption to introduce you to your pet and show you what we have worked on.
  • Adopter will also receive a gift certificate for a FREE 1 hour training session that is good for up to 6 months after adoption, should any behavioral issues arise after you bring your new pet home.


  1. Pet will come with comfort items they have been using such as toys, chews, bed or blanket, ID tags, etc.
  2. We will also include 2x gift certificates to TWO local pet stores – for one FREE bag of food and a bag of homemade treats, also a personalized information packet with resources designed to prepare you for complete canine care and for meeting the individual needs of your new pet.
  3. Adopters only need to supply a leash, harness, and collar when they arrive to take their new pet home.

PLEASE NOTE: Our adoption fee IS negotiable, but ONLY considered after an application is sent in and the initial meeting has been scheduled. We are happy to work with the right individual, under the right circumstance, if we feel they are the right person for the pet they wish to adopt. If you would like to negotiate the adoption fee, please be prepared to explain in detail, your reasons for why the $150 fee should be reduced or eliminated, and how you plan to pay for the continued care of the pet, once adopted.

Why do we care? First and most important – Pets cost money. We are not a non-profit organization with regular access to donor funds. While we may occasionally utilize fundraisers for high cost situations, We typically use personal funds to care for the animals we rescue and rehabilitate, and for the supplies we include with adoption. We do ultimately want our animals in the best situation possible, however, we would not be able to provide for them as well, or prepare the adopter so thoroughly, without recouping a small percentage of those funds.

Please remember that the costs of medical care, recovery care, training and daily care add up. Our adoption fee is a very small portion of that and goes right back into the care of our adoptable animals or to fund our community outreach programs.